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About Us

Aviation Search Group is a search firm that helps aviation companies hire the right people through a unique search process.  We specialize in executive and technical search programs for the aviation industry.

Recruiting in today’s marketplace can be challenging.  The need to find top talent remains paramount for your organization, but in today’s economic landscape, budgets require creative and cost-effective solutions.

Unlike other search models, Aviation Search Group creates a strategic partnership by developing a customized search program that focuses on your requirements while utilizing your internal recruiting resources.

Our Strengths:

  • Our employees
  • Integrity, judgment, and commitment
  • Understanding of the aviation industry
  • Large network and database of industry professionals
  • Proven processes and procedures
  • 10 years serving the aviation industry
  • Industry recommendations

Who We Are


We are a group of dedicated, hardworking professional recruiters and researchers that average over 10 years of aviation experience.  

We specialize in helping you create cost effective search programs to find the right talent for your company.

Interaction, Expectation & Commitment

Contact us to find out more (724) 547-7015

Client Testimonial

- Jen Rivas, CT

“I really appreciate Aviation Search Groups direction and honesty.  We spoke with them about hiring a sales professional.  We explained we had the internal resources to work on the project.  They took the time to understand our internal resources and recommend a search process that was ¼ of the cost hiring them for a direct hire recruit….”

Client Testimonial

- Barry Anderson, TX

“We had over 20 direct hire requirements.  After speaking with Aviation Search Group it became evident that standard recruiting fees would not fit our budget.  They suggested a virtual recruiter which worked directly with us on a fixed monthly cost and satisfied all our needs.   We literally saved 10’s of thousands with this recommendation.”